there will be a wedding

My brother is engaged. He proposed to his girlfriend March 25. It was very cool how he proposed. He and Joanna were walking on her father's land where he's planning to build a house. Her grandfather builds birdhouses and has built some around the property. Matt suggested they see if any birds had built nests in the houses. As they near one particular birdhouse, Joanna notices a large pink egg with a bow around it. Matt tells her to see what it is. As she pulls it out, the egg pops open and the ring falls to the ground. Matt gets on his knees to find it and asks her to marry him. She told me she began shaking and barely remembers saying yes. I think it's taken days for the moment to sink in.

We talked before he proposed and so I knew he'd been thinking about marriage for a while. Still, the news came as a bit of a shock. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have mixed feelings about his now fiance and well, about marriage in general. However, I adore my brother and have known for some time that he wanted the house, kids, dog, white picket fence, etc. He's very traditional and conservative that way, like my mother. While I am, well... you know me. Still, I shouldn't begrudge him his dream or Joanna hers just because it isn't my dream.

I know how happy the engagement makes my brother and Joanna and so I am thrilled for them. I am making a conscious effort to support them both. I'm hoping the way I act can create a positive change. I think Joanna is a kind girl. I know how much she loves my brother. She is not malicious or cruel in any way. I do not think she will harm my brother emotionally or any other way. Thus, my attitude about their future together should be one of promise because I do I hope that for them. I would like to be closer to Joanna and think I can be and should be. She will, after all, be my sister-in-law.

As for now, the tentative date for the wedding is 6.07.08. Cool, huh, 678. I have no doubt I will run through the emotional gamut within the next year.