progress is overrated, not really but I'm trying to make myself feel better

Progress on my to do list sort of halted because of my cold. I did finish grading and finalizing New Directions schedule. I did not write the abstract for one of the CFP's; I missed the deadline. I've been working today on the dissertation proposal but honestly, I feel stuck. I know (kind of) what I want to argue in my dissertation. I have some ideas about what might be included in the chapters, but I'm seriously faltering when it comes to introducing (through a mini lit review) how my work is situated within the field. I am overwhelmed by the various approaches and theories of New Media in general. How can I possibly articulate a space for myself within it? With my syntheses I was looking at specific areas: blogs, computers and writing, textuality. Now, faced with a larger scope, I feel unqualified. I haven't read enough. I haven't written enough. I've been reading examples of proposals and it's clear to me I have a less of handle on the field than I thought I did. And I know some of this is sounding as if you know what you're talking about. But right now, I'm not sure I can do that. So I sent an email to one of my mentors for advice.

My concern is that if I don't pull something together soon, I won't have enough time to revise and get a defense together before the end of the semester. I wanted to give myself a month to revise and that deadline is looming.

My computer is officially dead. I'm working on getting a new one, a stress I did not need at this point but I must roll with the punches. It's hard, though, not to feel beat down.