strange days

So today I had to go to a bank further than the one I usually go to because my branch was having server issues. As I was driving to the other branch I noticed a tent in the plaza across the street. I asked the girl at the bank what it was and she said there was a hair salon opening and they were giving away sub sandwiches. So I went over there to see what else they might be giving away. I was hoping for some free hair products. So while I'm over there a girl comes up to me and says, "Do you want to get your hair cut? I need to practice a short cut for my test." I said sure because I've been needing my hair cut and haven't been able to get to Bloomington to get M's mom to do it. The girl took forever and asked a lot of questions about how I do my hair and made conversation while she worked, which I appreciated. And then afterward(s?) the salon manager and other stylists asked me questions and I filled out a survey. All in all, it was worth it for the free cut. Though I definitely realize I need to color it because the new cut is much shorter than my previous highlights.

What do you think?