i'm not a graphic design major

"I'm not a graphic design major" one of my students replied in their anonymous responses to the assignment they're finishing. I have students write what they like about an assignment and why, what they didn't like and why and offer suggestions for when I use the assignment again. I have found that this move does a few things:

1. It shows them I value what they think.
2. It gives them a chance to voice their frustrations or excitment over a given project.
3. It helps me understand where they see themselves in the course.
4. And it helps me make decisions about future assignments.

The comment about graphic design made me realize how design-heavy I've constructed the course. The next assignment is an analysis of a business document. Then there's an instructional powerpoint, where based on other comments I received we will spend some time familiarizing ourselves with Powerpoint. I am now considering changing the last project to a less design oriented project and more analytical one. Or I may offer the option of doing one or the other. I have to think about it. One of the things I try to do as a teacher is remain flexible and realize that changing an assignment to fit my students' needs is the most important thing I could do.

The lights in the lab just went off. I suppose that is my cue.