readers and the 2007 web predictions

I was re-reading some of my posts from early last year and I realized a lot more people commented on my posts. I don't know if I have less readers now or if my posts have been rather self-involved and not worth commenting on. Or if people have less to say. Or a combination of things.

One of the things I claim about blogs as texts and narratives is the importance of the reader/audience and feedback. It's a bit ironic that most of my posts don't have comments.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm trying to drum up sympathy so you'll all comment more. It's just something I noticed, which made me wonder if there is indeed a kind of social fatigue that others have predicted will happen to social network sites like myspace and facebook. Everyone is making predictions about what 2007 holds for the web.

Some of them are interesting, especially considering I made similar predictions in my comp answer about the future of blogs. I'm particularly intrigued by how the Widget Explosion will reflect and influence reading and writing practices. Also, as Danah Boyd points out, Fred Stutzman has some predictions which focus mostly on social network sites. I don't know that I agree with all of it but I definitely think he's right about #3 where he says established communities will go social and in doing so corporatize SNS. I don't know if we'll see it in 07 but that's where SNS seem to be moving and what I also think blogs will see a lot of growth and movement.