blog year in review

I found this meme-type thing from last year that I really liked. So I'm posting the 2006 list now. And if you're interested in last year's list you can find it here.

Make a list of the first sentence of the first entry you wrote for each month of 2006:
(I'm not including the first entries that were memes or poems.)

January: I almost bought PostSecret:Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives today.
February: We’re having a SuperBowl Party. (Not that M or I care about football that much but we do love having people over.)
March: I took Michelle to school to drop her off at 6:30 this morning.
April: I bought M the Xbox 360 for her birthday.
May: My emotions keep oscillating between being really excited about where I am to being absolutely terrified; perhaps this is jouissance.
June: We moved a lot when I was younger, not as much as military families but more than most people I’d met in the towns we moved into.
July: I am a poor negotiator.
August: Dear Summer, I have been very disappointed in you this year.
September: The French exchange student arrived on Friday.
October: I took swimming lessons when I was younger this included competitive diving lessons.
November: From this title (cat and mouse) you might think I’m speaking metaphorically, which judging from my life lately is not that much of a stretch.
December: School’s out! The University cancelled classes today because of the weather.