I have been trying to write this post for days. And I've been thinking about resolutions and goals and I've been kind of depressed and not feeling well.

I will say that I had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's. I am so excited about the new year because I finally have a toaster oven and some knife sets and a slow cooker. Oh yeah. Some major cooking will be done in 2007. Here are some other goals:

  • Budget my money better. Well, any budget would be better than the whole, "spend every cent" philosophy.

  • Pay attention. This means try to consciously get outside of my head and notice things going on around me.

  • Set schedules for studying, personal time, working. These need to be more clearly separated.

  • Appreciate my life. Really and truly appreciate the wonderful friends, family and love that enrich my life.

These are some general goals. I have some specific academic goals but I'm not ready to think about the beginning of a new semester... yet.