confessions of a toaster oven admirer

I have always loved toaster ovens. They're so much more convenient than using the big ol' oven. My grandmother used to take cheddar cheese slices and place them on wheat bread and toast them in the toaster oven. There was nothing better than that cheese toast even on a terribly hot day. I didn't like wheat bread that much but covered in melted cheddar cheese... I hardly knew the difference. My grandmother cooked a lot of meals just for me and my brother in her toaster oven. She cooked salmon croquettes, chicken breasts and reheated everything from hot dogs to roast beef in the appliance.

Because of these memories, I have always had an affinity for toaster ovens. My brother has, too despite the fact he fell asleep once with a pizza baking and woke up to smoke. It smelled like someone had grilled burgers or something in his apt. for days. I remember visiting and asking, "Did you have a barbecue?" He has since traded up to a very sleek toaster oven to match his very sleek appliances in his new house.

My last toaster oven caught on fire because water was leaking between the walls into the electrical outlets at Cardinal Court. It was very sad. And I complained for the next entire year or so about not having a toaster oven. So this Christmas, my friend Brianne thoughtfully made my wish come true and bought me an awesome Procter/Silex toaster oven. It has made me so happy. Seriously. It's probably some sort of sickness, the obsession I have with the toaster oven.

Also for Christmas we received a slow cooker from M's mom. We recently cooked roast in it, which was so good. Then I did as my grandmother and great grandmother taught me. I used the leftover roast beef for sandwiches, which I made in the  toaster oven. Oh yeah! I talked about the sandwich for days, it was so good. I'm thinking about it even now. It's renewed my interest in roast beef sandwiches which had waned.