saying something about something

So, I don't really know where to start with the dissertation proposal. I wrote a thesis proposal but it was for a creative thesis and was a bit less complicated than I understand the proposal for a diss to be. Plus, I am not sure how to focus the things I've been researching into something manageable. I know I want to say something about social network sites and I want to say something about narrative and digital texts all within a New Media theory framework.

Okay, go.

I'm excited that this week begins the first of the New Media/Digital Rhetoric candidates' campus visits. Thrilled at the prospect of any one of the three candidates accepting the job though of course I have my favorite. And of course, I'll know more after their presentations. The more I know about what the job market process is like, the better I'll do out there, once all the dissertation stuff is done.

This weekend, a week from today actually, is my 29th birthday. I've been incredibly weird thus far about the whole birthday thing. We'll see how it feels as it gets closer. Monday(tomorrow) is Oren's birthday. I'll revert to my manners and not tell everyone which birthday. I won't get a chance to see him because I'm not in Bloomington tomorrow, but I hope his day his as wonderful and rich as he makes his friends' days.

Happy Birthday, friend.