what i've noticed

Men put on a tie and they appear dressed up. For women, it's more effort to appear professionally dressed. In the past two days I have worn pantyhose and pearls. Pantyhose, people. I was not completely uncomfortable but I am happy to be back in my jeans on my way back to Champaign. Thank heavens for Panera or else I'd be sitting in Union Station staring at my shoes, which will happen soon enough while I wait for my train. Trains to Chicago are notoriously late though my train arrived here right on time. Perhaps I will have such luck going home.

To keep my sanity this week I've been tweaking and messing around with themes for the blog. I modified this one from Jennifer & Steven because I just liked it. It made me smile and was able to handle all the widgets and plug-ins I use. I was having some trouble with my other template when I upgraded to 2.3. All the kinks should be worked out now. The original header was v. cool and inspired me to create my own.

I don't know how much to say about the interviewing process. It was a surreal and somewhat indescribable experience. A.V. and I talked a lot about whether being in Chicago made us feel too comfortable and how the location made have affected our performance in our interviews. My friends and family who have been supportive and encouraging asked, "How did it go?" And honestly, I have no idea.

What I do know is that I have a dissertation to finish. I need to rid myself of the distractions and clear my head and get back to writing. This job stuff has been a major distraction!