happy boxing day!

I always liked the idea of Boxing Day, kind of like a second Christmas Day. There are a lot of debates about the origin of Boxing Day. I don't know what the official origin of the tradition, is... Suzi, can you enlighten us?

When I was in England seven years ago or so I remember thinking it was cool to get an additional day to spend with friends there who didn't have to go to work. There were some parties and more gift exchanging and more eating, all of which was fun. It was also a day when I watched movies or tinkered with the stuff I got for Christmas. I will have to wait to have fun with the cool stuff I got this year. I love my espresso machine which steams and froths milk but I haven't been able to test it out yet. I also got some silicon bake-ware; I am excited about making muffins and maybe even some nut bread in the pans. Plus they are red and how fun is that? Christmas was excellent and not just because of the presents. There were only a few moments I was really sad about missing my family.

This Boxing Day I am in Chicago awaiting my MLA interviews which begin tomorrow. I am excited about the schools which seem interested in me right now, including the phone interviews I have set up for early January which will be here before I can turn around.

This means I'm frantically revising my Lit. Review before I send it off to my adviser, who probably wonders if I have forgotten that I'm supposed to be writing a dissertation. I need to get on a real writing schedule, instead of this crazy nonchalant writing when things come to me crap.

So, Happy Boxing Day, everyone. Enjoy whatever it is you're doing and send me calming and positive thoughts around 5 p.m. tomorrow.