blog year in review '07

I've done this meme for the past 2 years because I like to see how well or not well my blog sums up my year. Amy reminded me of it when she posted hers today. 2006's list is here. And if you wanna go back further 2005's list is here.

The meme consists of the following instructions: Make a list of the first sentence(s) of the first entry you wrote for each month. Again, I'm not including the first entries that are poems, lyrics, memes or photo posts.

Now for 2007 Blog in Review:

January: I have been trying to write this post for days. And I’ve been thinking about resolutions and goals and I’ve been kind of depressed and not feeling well.

February: Remember MadLibs? Well today is a MadLib Blog where you write your own posts.

March:I don’t know what’s with me, if I have a cold or flu or what but I feel awful.

April: My trip to Boston was really great. It was my second trip to Boston and I’ll say I still like the city… a lot.

May:Do you think you can like and not like someone simultaneously? Or do you think it’s like, I like you in this moment but not in that one? What causes a mix of feelings about others? And when we dislike someone strongly or find ourselves drawn to someone should we feel relieved that at least our feelings are clear?

June: My mother jokes that I was born with a pencil in my hand. From the time I could form words, I wrote poems and stories and plays with song accompaniments.

July: I like the movie Sweet Home Alabama, because it treats Southern culture both with respect and humor. It also deals with the struggle to come to terms with the past, with all its mess and chaos.

August:Tomorrow is my proposal defense. Wish me luck.

September: Surprise! I’m in Alabama. A quick weekend-ish trip to celebrate my Grandmother’s new house.

October: Finally back from Little Rock. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip but our presentation went well and I heard some interesting ideas and theories from other presentations.

November: Everyone told me how time-consuming applying for jobs would be and I thought, “yeah, okay I can see that.” What I didn’t understand is the emphasis in the phrase is on the consuming part not the time.

December: I did something to my back. I twisted it or threw it out or something; it’s been hurting pretty bad the past couple of days.

Recap: 2007 was full of surprises and accomplishments, tragedies and travel. Michelle continued work at Lincoln Trail, visiting Washington D.C. and meeting Judy Blume, if you can call getting a book signed meeting. I passed comps and defended my diss. proposal. I began writing chapters and started applying for jobs. I traveled a lot: Chicago suburbs, Boston, Orlando, Little Rock, Mobile. Adia joined our lives and then we lost her. My brother got engaged. My grandmother moved out of the house which felt like home for me and into a beautiful new house. The sanctuary at my father's church was finally completed and open for worship. I lined up MLA interviews for jobs and post MLA phone interviews to take place soon when I travel, once again, to Chicago.

This year has been incredibly busy and I look forward to all the chaos, excitement and possibilities of 2008.