Happy Holidays

One positive thing about not going to Alabama for Christmas is not feeling frantic about presents for my family, who doesn't need anything, nor do they want anything. This makes it difficult to shop for them and I usually end up pulling at my hair thus losing whatever Christmas spirit I had left. I love buying presents for people, especially seeing the surprise look and happiness on their face. Michelle is hard to shop for. Actually, it's hard for me to remember the little things M says she wants throughout the year. I'm perpetually bad at paying attention. People ask me, "What does Michelle want for Christmas?" and I don't know. It'd be so much easier if she made a wish list, like I did.

Traffic is pretty crazy these days as I take M to work. It's busier, for sure but what makes it worse is that people rush around, running red lights, blocking up lanes. It makes me crazy how inconsiderate people can be. Don't even get me started on parking lots. Bottom line: I'm glad I'm not frantically searching for a gift this year.

I hope you aren't either.

Happy Holidays!