I'm grumpy and frustrated. I decided to change my travel plans for MLA in Chicago because when I originally made reservations I had no way of knowing how long I needed to stay. Now that I have a better idea of when my interviews (oh, yes, plural) are, I have a more clear picture of my travel needs. I booked my hotel early through because I know how insanely expensive Chicago hotels can be and I'd gotten a great rate from them a few years ago on a previous trip. The rate I got this time was reasonable; my parents helped me with the cost and I booked the hotel. Well, I've never changed an Expedia reservation so I wasn't sure of the policies. I called and someone helpfully explained it to me. However, since I'm taking the train I needed to check on train dates before I uprooted myself and had nowhere to stay. As helpful as Expedia was, Amtrak was cold. The representative did not tell me she needed to charge my card until after she'd already processed the transaction. I understand that because of the paperwork that there is a process but I feel I should be informed of what I'm being charged and why. Modifying the reservation made me wonder if it was worth the money I saved. I think so, but it will depend on how the trip goes, because I kind of got downgraded from a queen bed to a full room once I changed the dates of my hotel stay. Still, I think all the money including food and other expenses for an extra two days will be worth it. I hope so because it left me feeling very un-Christmas-y.