rebelling against yourself

The sound you hear, the kind of wheezing painful breathing sound, is me struggling to breath through this chest cold I developed over the weekend. A few weeks ago I was nauseous and couldn't eat anything solid and now I have some weird throat thing. It's like I'm getting the flu in stages. I'm sure it's stress weakening my immune system. It hurts deep in my chest when I cough. It's hard to breathe; I feel cotton headed and achey. I don't have a fever. I don't sneeze constantly but when I do sneeze, it's several times in a row and big, intense sneezes. I just want to lay in bed in a cocoon world where I have time to let my body and mind rest.

But I'm a grad student with a lot going on and a lot of responsibilities who doesn't have time for rest. Right now, though, my body is kind of demanding it and I'm too exhausted to argue.