I've never enjoyed cold weather. I can appreciate certain things about it, can understand how it helps to shape and create regional differences, cultural practices and traditions. I see how it might invoke nostalgia for those who grew up in it. But it doesn't mean I like it. However, I do love scarves. I love the patterns, the textures, the different ways you can wear them. And sure, they're practical. But they're also preppy and bright.

It almost-snowed today. There were flurries and freezing rain but I refuse to say it snowed. The first snowfall of the season usually makes me giddy until I realize what it promises: ice and horrific driving conditions, general all around misery when venturing outside. Today I thought, "it's too early," even though really it's probably about the right time for the winter precipitation. I'm not ready for it. I don't have my sweaters and scarves and mittens and hats out yet. I haven't unearthed my wool coat. I stubbornly am trying to resist winter as it slowly approaches, engulfing us with its holiday cheer and merriment.

In order to feel optimistic about the next few months, I will concentrate on scarves and winter clothes, which I do quite like. And I'll think about the way it feels when the green of spring starts to return and the happiness I feel when I get that first pedicure of Spring. Until then, I will find my boots, my thick winter socks and begin searching for all of the snowy wear like my hot pink vest and grey turtleneck. You can bet I will be wearing it a lot this winter as it matches my newest pink and purple scarf.