never in one place

I'm in Alabama for the weekend. My father is having a consecration of the new church building rebuilt over 3 years since Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on the old one. It is a big day for everyone involved. Most of my family will be here, all in one place, which hardly ever happens when I visit. I thought it would be a good time to see them because I won't be back for Christmas because of MLA.

I met my brother in Birmingham, about a 9 hour drive from Illinois and then rode the rest of the way to my parents with he, Joanna and Rudy. It was a long day, spent on the road. I kept having the Decemberists' "Engine Driver" run through my head. That is until Matt started rocking Bon Jovi. We decided that someone should make a musical using Bon Jovi songs the way they did with Billy Joel. There's so much drama in a Bon Jovi song; they're primed and ready for Broadway, I tell ya.

Today we're headed to Mobile to visit with Gran and see her house, have lunch. I need to find some good black dress shoes. Me-Ma arrives this afternoon, which will not be boring.

I'm trying to relax but it's hard not to feel pulled in a million directions, especially since Michelle isn't here to bring me down to earth. It's good to be here and I'm excited about all the to do tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I can.