on getting the message

Okay, universe. I get it. Now is obviously not the right time to have a dog. I am very sad so I'll give you the short version: I was walking Reu on Friday when she went a bit nuts and jumped and wriggled out of the leash. She ran into the street and into a car. I took her to the vet where they said she'd be okay from the accident after charging me 400 dollars. However, the x-rays showed an enlarged and inflamed liver and they were concerned and wanted to run more tests. She kept peeing though we were limiting her water and a few times peed blood. I called the vet and the animal shelter to see what our options were. The vet gave me an outrageous estimate on how much tests and treatment might cost, depending on the problem. The shelter said to bring her back if I couldn't afford her care because they have a vet staff that could assess her. We made the decision to take her to the shelter. When I got there, the girl said that one of the littermates had come back with the liver issues as well and that they'd quarantined the remaining littermates so that they could determine what was wrong with them and why their initial exams did not show any problems.

It is very sad and startling to discover that you can't take care of something... again.
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