I know when you compare people or places or events or things to one another, you can end up feeling frustrated and sometimes nostalgic-not exactly remembering all of the details. Comparisons work as a referent for us, often to our or others' detriment. This comes up because we've had Reu, the new puppy, one day. I can't help but compare her to Dia. I know their situations were completely different, one lived on a farm, the other an animal shelter before coming to us. Still, it's the referent I've got. I'm having problems showing Reu that going outside means "going" outside. This morning she went out and pooped, then walked away as if she were done. We came inside and maybe 15 minutes passed before she'd pooped on the carpet inside the playpen area. I cleaned it up with some odor stuff. Then I took her out again a couple of times but to no avail. I stayed out with her 15-20 and sometimes 30 minutes. Then she peed inside again. Put her in the crate, take her out every few hours to try and pee, but nope. Then we come inside, maybe 30 minutes later and she pees on the towel she'd been using as a bed. That was four hours ago and since then I've been out with her several times during which she hasn't peed at all.

Adia took to the peeing outside right away. She peed inside once when we didn't take her out right away and she had a few excitable accidents at school. She always went when she hit the grass and never messed around about it. Reu also freaks out when left alone in the crate. I'm hoping it's because she's still adjusting; I mean we got her yesterday. But I have to bring her to school and she can't howl and bark and scream there and piss everyone off. I have thought about asking M's mom if I can bring her there for a few weeks until she is vaccinated fully and can be around other dogs at a daycare a few days a week. I bet she'd bother people there, too with her scaredy-ness and howling. Sigh.

Why did I think I could do this?