8 things no one tells you about writing a dissertation

1. How lonely you feel when you're not taking or auditing classes and everyone else in your life is tired of hearing about your project.
2. How easily you get distracted.
3. How talking about your work and the connections you're making is much easier than actually making them.
4. The fun you'd thought you'd have working out some new theories and ideas loses its allure pretty quickly and you have to create ways to make your research enjoyable or you won't do it.
5. The world isn't actually closing in and it doesn't revolve around you and your dissertation nor will it actually end if you miss a deadline.
6. You're the only person who can infuse meaning into the work. If it isn't meaningful for you, it won't be for your readers.
7. 5 chapters become your life for an entire year.
8. When you feel left out, it's because you are. And that can make you sad and nostalgic for days when "all you had to do" was coursework and teaching.