i wish the real world would just stop hassling me

The French exchange student arrived on Friday. M and I were still cleaning the kitchen but everything else was in order. We're learning to adjust to 3 people living in the apartment. Someone is always around. It takes some getting used to. We went to M's family thing at her uncle's huge house in Bloomington. I like M's family for the most part but family things are family things and I always feel M is more tense, more aware of how close I am standing to her, etc. It can get irritating.

I'm working on some website redesign and reading a lot of book history these days. I'm trying to stick to my resolutions about enjoying the process as well as those about resisting to strangle certain graduate students. The last one is more difficult. It seems so easy to get sucked in to the toxic instead of actively resisting it. I'm trying to ignore it.

Tomorrow, I get to speak to Women's Studies students about class and sexuality, commenting on the Dorothy Allison essay they read. I'm excited and a bit nervous. I think I'll write something down to at least refer to. Hey O, can I put this on my vita?