Last night after the Writing Program Social Hour I came home to M and a GSLIS friend doing the unimaginable. Playing Karaoke Revolution Party on Gamecube. It's hilarious. Especially the choices of songs, which can be found here. After a few rounds we ended up at Fiesta for dinner then decided to go to Jillian's to play pool. While we waited for our table, we had a few drinks and entered the WIXY 100 (country radio station) ILLINI ticket giveaway. Throughout the night, they drew names for tickets and tailgate entries. The French girl won two tickets and I told M they could go to the game and I'd chill at home. And then I won two tickets. So we asked one of the International Librarians from Chile to go. So the four of us went to an Illini football game and tailgate party. It was pretty fun though after halftime I was ready to leave.

We're gearing up for GSLIS Grad Gaming Night. TFG is making a cake and I'm scared of it already just from going to the grocery store and searching for ingredients. Also, M may kill her if she f's up the kitchen after M spent all afternoon cleaning it.