battle cries from a little blonde girl

This adorable little blonde child in pigtails asked me, "Why your computer?" as I booted it up in Panera.
"I have to work," I reply.
She wrinkles her nose and looks around for her parents and asks, "Why?"
"I said I would finish this website," I tell her, though I know that I must sound kind of like Cookie Monster at this point since that's how I sound to most people when I start in about technology.
She nods as if she understands obligation and commitment. When her father brings her overpriced PBJ over she jumps excitedly and says, "Lady working, daddy. Websites!" She said "websites" like it was a cheer or a battle cry. I wish she would motivate me to do laundry. Laundry!

I just finished editing the FOCUS web modules I've been working on for what feels like forever. I suppose I must have been a bit snarky in the meeting today when Nadia suggested I might get funding from them again. I said, "I have my assistantship in the English Department, thanks." I think it sounded more biting than I meant it to. I simply meant that I can't have two assistantships. Well, I probably meant more but it was subconscious. I probably should have just said, "Websites!" and run out of the room.