I'll take hodgepodge blog post for $400, Alex

There is something incredibly satisfying about taking something like unproductive drama and dissonance and turning it into a productive area of interest for further research and possible publication. I think this is what is meant by poetic justice. We'll see what's in the cards for those of us attempting this kind of research, which at this point seems edgy and controversial. Hopefully, we can make the point that we aren't axe-grinding. Step One is underway.

M has returned from her travels to South Africa. It feels like all the time and no time has passed since she left. I must admit I wondered how easily we'd slip back into happy co-existence. It's very strange because while I feel the comfort of being together for 2 years. I also feel the thrill of falling in love again, remembering what I found so intriguing, discovering new sides, new reasons to fall. It's a good place to be in a relationship.

The exchange student, Amelie, arrives Friday. I am excited and nervous about having everything "guest" ready.

Also, I'll post about my UPS experience soon. Insanity abounds.