this is more than just a "to do" list

I met with one of my advisors yesterday, the one I asked to write my English Studies question for Comps. We had such great coversations. She gets how I think, and knows exactly what I need to hear. She refuses to allow my insecurities to overtake me. I'm going to share the secret she shared with me and you're all welcome to steal it and take it and use it.

Most Brilliant Advisor's Management Plan for Everything and Anything in Your Life*
Step One: Divide everything you have to do for the month, semester, whatever time frame applies, into a major list. Call this the major to do list.

Step Two: Categorize things "to do" into the following categories:
1. WWE: The World Will End (i.e. If I don't deposit my checks in the bank, bills won't get paid, Michelle will kill me, the world will end).
2. DWL: Deal with Later (These items will eventually become part of WWE or NMP).
3. NMP: Not my Problem
4. Anxiety Box

Step 2a: The Anxiety Box is an imaginary vessel for your anxieties. You must ask a friend, someone who does not live with you and with whom you can share your darkest and deepest secrets to be the keeper of this Anxiety Box. So let's say I'm working on my reading and I am struggling because it reminds me of my mother and then I'm worried about my mother and I can't get anything done. I call O and say, "Can you put this anxiety about my mother and stick it in my anxiety box?" He says, "Sure."
Now, the rule is that you can ask for your anxiety back and the keeper must return it to you. But most of the time this does not happen.

Step 3. Get on with the WWE items.

*This title is licensed by Devon and the Most Brilliant Advisor but feel free to use it as long as you provide proper documentation.