what I've been up to

I just finished reading William Maxwell's So Long See You Tomorrow which Oren found for me because John Irving had used an excerpt from the book as an epigraph. I thought the epigraph would be perfect for my narrative essay so O tracked the original source down for me and I ended up intrigued by the book so I bought it. It's a story about memory and loss that takes place in Illinois. The writing reminded me of something I can't place. Anyway, I enjoyed it and it took me about a day and a half to read it.

Now I'm on to a book by Simon Garfield about the man who invented the color mauve. I like it because it has nothing to do with English or theory. Sometimes you just need a break from your field of study. And I'm hoping this will energize me.

I need to update my "What I'm reading" list.

I did laundry yesterday. Not all of it but enough so that I have clothes to wear. Those of you who know me, know what an accomplishment this is. So yay me!

Last night Oren and I rented movies. We watched  The Sound of Thunder which is based on one of Ray Bradbury's short stories. It is about time travel, which I always find intriguing. The film wasn't particularly good or bad. I guess that isn't saying much.

Then we watched Rumor Has It with Jennifer Anniston. I thought she was great in it. I didn't particularly like the ending but there are some funny, funny moments. And Shirley Maclaine is fabulous.

All in all we spent less than three dollars for a night o' entertainment. Not bad.