fireworks nostalgia

I have never heard anyone say, "I don't like fireworks." I'm not saying that person doesn't exist, just that I've never met him/her or perhaps I don't know yet that someone I know doesn't care for fireworks. I've never created my own fireworks show though I clearly remember my brother and I running around in the front yard with sparklers. I've been fortunate to see a lot of firework shows. When I worked at Disneyworld there was a firework show every night. And each night, (if I was working) I'd walk outside and stand with my fellow employees and watch the show. Disney fireworks were spectacular explosions of colors, unexpected combinations, designs. There seemed to be a stillness in me as I watched the fireworks. That time in my life was extremely tumultuous and chaotic. But during the firework show things quieted. One of my favorite Disney fireworks experience was during Christmas. The gang of people with whom I lived and worked went to Epcot. Our time together was ending; we were missing our family at the holidays and we had nothing else to do. We had dinner at an Italian place inside Epcot and then stuck around for the fireworks. They were amazing. They spelled Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in the air. They lit up the night and seemed to fall into the water as they faded. I remember the vibrant colors, shades I never imagined fireworks could be. Deep blues and purples, bright tangerines, greens. I loved the patterns and tried naming each one, starburst, silly swirls, curling wonder, but they came too quickly into the sky and then disappeared.

I have great memories, too, of a Fourth of July spent with my family in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. We went down to the bridge over the bay to watch the fireworks. I remember standing there beside my brother as he marveled at the logistics that must have gone into the show. I liked the design that combined colors, red, white and blue. I was probably in high school and was a bit embarrassed to be moved by such things as lights in the night.

Two years ago or so M and I went to visit my friend Maria in West Lafayette, Indiana. We went to the Taste of Lafayette which was incredibly crowded and confusing. M did get some corn on the cob that they quickly ran out of as did most of the booths run out of food. But there was a fireworks show, which made the night seem worth it. I stood behind M, arms around her and watched the fireworks perfectly timed to the music. They weren't spectacular but they did the trick.

And I almost forgot the Chicago fireworks we watch every time we go, which I always enjoy. Tonight we watched several fireworks shows as we traveled the interstate between Bloomington and Champaign. It was pretty cool.