Grosz on identity and queer politics

Yesterday during the reading group there was a discussion on sexuality and choice. I felt that there was a bit of an attitude of flippancy about the idea that you can choose to be gay or straight. There are political repercussions to what I think is a slippery slope. If you can choose sexuality then you can unchoose it, which obviously has its problems. Grosz has this to say, "The very notion of choice is bound up with your identity. I think this is the fantasy that is behind certain queer politics--the idea that you can choose your sexual identity. I suspect it stems from a misreading of Judith Butler's work on performativity: that you can just perform what you want to be. The pronlem is that if you choose to perform a sexual identity, then you have not changed at all by undertaking that identity, you're just acting out. It would be nice to be able to choose an identity, but in fact it is chosen for us. Our agency comes from how we accept that designated position, and the degree to which we refuse it, the way we live it out."