belonging and not

Last night hanging with Oren was a much needed respite from the stress of packing. Actually, most of yesterday was a break I desperately needed. Today is the actual move, if the guy actually shows. I know some of the things we move like kitchen stuff will be unpacked sooner than the boxes and boxes of books I own. Not that I'm looking forward, exactly to unpacking but at least it will feel more like a process of settling in than disruption.

I've been reading Julia's blog where she's been listing the things she'll miss about Italy. And though my move 45 minutes away is not the same as what she's experiencing, I wonder what I will miss about living here. I think that even small moves create a sense of longing, of being somewhere new, somewhere "not there." I'll still be in Bloomington for classes and meetings so I'm not necessarily leaving but I won't have a place in this town I call my own. I will belong and not belong.