The Amish, French and dwellings

Today we visited Amish Country in Arthur and Arcola, Illinois. It was quite interesting. We first visited the Amish Interpretative Center then drove through the countryside and into town.

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I think Mom and Dad enjoyed it. M's mom drove her van so we all rode together, which made it nice.

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While we were gone my brother found a house he wants to buy near his job in Birmingham, Alabama. The house is actually in Hoover, a suburb of Birmingham. From the pictures he sent the house looks really cool. The previous owners did a lot of work to it, updating it, etc. The kitchen is really nice with granite countertops and new stainless steel appliances. During my phone conversation with Matt, he sounded excited for the first time since the process started. I hope I can visit before school starts. It's both expected and strange that my little brother is going to own a house.

It was an exciting day yesterday, not as thrilling as house buying, for M and I as well. We found out the French-Canadian exchange student, Amélie is going to come live with us in September.

And I got an email from the ACA/PCA that my paper was accepted. So Oren, it's all your fault.