my sangria adventure

Since M and I were invited to some friends on Saturday night for a party, I thought I'd try to make sangria. I'm not really sure why, especially since I have never made sangria before. I like sangria so I thought what the hell. I searched for a couple of different recipes before deciding to make my own concoction which meant I had to go get liquor and fruit from the grocery store. The guys at the checkout jokingly tried to invite themselves to the party when they saw all the liquor I was buying. I needed 4 ounces of one and 3 ounces of another, splash of another, for example. I doubled the recipe because I didn't know how much I'd need, how many people would be at the party or how fast it would go. In hindsight, I could have done without the doubling. But since I'd never made it before I had no idea how much liquid there'd be once I added everything in. It made a lot.

I kept tasting it and adding things like sugar and juice to get the taste right. Well, at least I liked it. But I didn't know how other people would like it. But it was a big hit. Everyone who had some asked who made it and wanted to know what all was in it. I was like, "a lot of things; liquor mostly."

So the next time I make it, it will probably taste different. I guess that's what is fun about making it.