field trips for my parents

My parents are coming to visit. They'll be here on Saturday and while this is happy news, it is also stressful. I want my parents to see a home M and I have tried to forge together, not just another apartment I live in. I realize this hope is futile because, well, my mother can't fully accept our relationship. My father will appreciate the space of the apartment and say the steps are much better than my old one. He will also love the pool. The kitchen will fascinate him; the television will mesmerize him and other than this he will have no opinions because that is how he is. He knows I will live out of apartments for most of my life. My brother will buy a house and settle down and have a great job and babies. That is not going to be my life and that's okay. So my father will be curious about where I live, and my mother will secretly block out any hints at togetherness she sees. I know all of this and yet I hope for more.

I am trying to plan stuff for us to do while they are here, things they will like that will make them understand why I moved to Champaign from Bloomington and why I drive 45 minutes each way to school and work. I want them to see the area differently than they saw Bloomington. To accomplish this we're going to brunch at Radio Maria, see a play at the Krannert if I can get tickets, visit Amish Country in Arthur, IL, Visit some libraries, bookstores, campus, lunch at Paradiso, visit the Arboretum and Japanese Gardens on campus and walk downtown. It will be a long 4 days. I'm glad we unearthed the digital camera so I can take pictures, which I'll post here.

I want to get the apartment as nice as possible before they arrive. I'd like to clear the "den" of boxes and extra furniture moved from my place, clean the kitchen, maybe even clear off the kitchen table so we can have dinner there one night. I want to organize "the guest room space" but I don't know how far I'll get. We really need to clean our bedroom, make it presentable at least, to the first glance. =)