about scary movies

I'm excited about seeing what TNT manages to do with their series, based on Stephen King's short stories, "Nightmares & Dreamscapes". Already I'm impressed with the cast. Oren and I went to see The Omen last night, which I thought was pretty good. The child who played Damien in the original is apparently a tabloid reporter (#3 according to the credits,) in the new version. I liked the pace of the film though I know that's one of the things people have complained about. I need the tension to build, to be believable. I don't like contrived tension, which is what I think most scary/horror movies seem to be today. I heard Rob Zombie is remaking Halloween, which is my beloved scary movie because it builds tension perfectly. It uses the pace of the narrative in such a way that you commit to the characters and the plot without realizing it, and without questioning it too much. Only after you watch it, you're like hey, what a minute. But otherwise, you're completely involved. Last House on the Left was like that, too. It's a brilliant early Wes Craven film. If you're into scary movies, I recommend it, though it's a tough film to watch I admit.

M and I are taking Dillon and Charlie to see Cars tomorrow. That's two movies in one week; at this rate, I'll be addicted.