part of the fun

Trying to plan a syllabus and design a course around multimodal narrative is challenging, especially when I'm not sure what texts I want to order for the course. I have a lot of ideas for assignments and now I'm trying to figure out how to frame them. It's an interesting experience. I've always had very detailed course explanations. This time, I don't know exactly where to start but I'm having fun trying to figure this out.

What's always exciting about teaching is taking something I plan in what sometimes feels like vacuum and watching it take shape in the classroom. Things look different when the students have names, faces, personalities.

I'm thinking of filing an IRB so I could possibly use students' work in my research/dissertation. I want this course to be more focused, and well planned, tighter than my Internship. But doing something completely new always, ALWAYS has its surprises. That's also part of the fun.