taking stock

I'm over this whole packing up, and stressing about moving thing. Over it. And yet, I look around at all that is left to pack and am overwhelmed. It's interesting how moving forces you to take stock of your life. I discovered a ton of pictures today, old friends, old lovers, family. It's odd to look at myself, the one thing in common in most of the pictures and see various expressions and in some cases what seems like a different person staring back at me. One of the things I've struggled with has been reconciling the person I was with who I am now. And understanding and accepting all those parts of myself. I feel like I've gone through so many changes, experienced so much since some of the pictures were taken. And I also know that though I've grown due to these experiences I'm also the same girl who, in 2nd grade, wrote her name in lowercase letters on her spelling test because it looked better that way. And when the teacher continuously took off 5 points for doing so, the girl accepted the 95% for the entire school year, refusing to give in to the constructions of right and wrong. I'm also still the girl who refused to back down when she was being bullied and punched the guy in the face. Twice. Hard. And I'm the girl who during a tornado drill told Tonya Jacobs to stick a hairclip in the light socket.

How I got here, I'm not really sure, but it feels really good. Except for the whole stress about moving and trying to study and do my job thing.