in the way

The past two days have been incredibly busy. I mentioned to Oren that my life was getting in the way of things, which seems more accurate than I realized. 2 days ago M and I spent hours trying to get a battery replaced for her car. We went to the auto parts store a little after 5. When we get there, M goes inside and asks if they'll come out and check the battery. After an hour of waiting, I go inside and ask what is taking so long. Inside I feel a bit WTF but I'm trying to stay composed. So there's a guy, a bit awkward and fumbling who cannot seem to find the battery test cart. The woman whose hair is as long as her body and who could stand to go to the dentist and get some teeth pulled and cleaned reminds him the guys next door borrowed it. While he goes to get it, I wait outside with M who is beginning to get irritated. The guy and the cart finally make it to the car but the cart (tester thingy) just keeps beeping. The guy keeps pushing buttons; I'm trying to read the directions to see if I can help somehow. The machine keeps beeping. This goes on for about 20 minutes. Guy goes inside and when he does I ask M if she wants to make a run for the other auto parts store. And we laugh. Then the original guy who M had talked to comes out. He messes around with the tester for a few minutes and then says, "Yeah, this tester needs charging. It ain't gonna work."

We go back inside and the guy explains he'll take out the battery and test it on the machine. "It's a better tester anyway, " he says, "Less buttons."

I look at Michelle like, holy crap, are you kidding me?

So he takes off the battery and we go inside. At this point, we'd been there a little over 2 hours. The guy helping us keeps getting called to the register because the store is filling up and they're short 2 people since the original guy M talked to got off work and someone else never came in.

We spend around 30 minutes waiting for the guy to sell us the battery. We walk around the store. I've hit the wall in terms of waiting. I become my father. M asks if I want something and I reply, "What I want is to get a battery replaced." And I say this loudly, glancing in the direction of the workers. Because at this point, it's ridiculous how long the process has gone on.

Finally we buy the battery, the guy comes out with his own tools in order to try and help. The battery doesn't exactly fit. The poles on the battery are too small. Guy goes back inside to get a different size battery. He gets stuck inside working the register. About 20 minutes later he comes back out with a different battery. Its poles are too small also. The connectors slide off fairly easily. The guy goes in to get some bolts. Another 15 minutes passes. Again I can see that his stuck working the phones and register. Finally, finally he comes out and begins working on getting the connectors to fit the original battery. Around 10 minutes later, we're finally ready to go. Over 3 hours later.

Yesterday I spent cleaning at M's in an attempt to make room for the stuff I'm bringing over. Then last night we did 20 loads of laundry at the laundromat.