because I'm obsessed with my paper on Frankenstein

Why does Viktor create the creature as a male? Is it that whole, in thine image God like thing? The creature is certainly not human, but he is not a cyborg in the way that Haraway discusses cyborgs. The creature is made up of corpses, body parts stolen, robbed from graves. At the time Shelley is writing, corpses of the poor if not claimed by family could be dissected whereas middle class bodies could not. Viktor refuses to claim the Creature, leaving his body made up of bodies, lower class and unclaimed. Is this part of Shelley's warning against male dominated science? Does the creature represent Viktor's fantasies of disembodied, artificial intelligence? Why does the presence of the creature's physical body unnerve Viktor? The creature is articulate, smart, poetic at times and incredibly aware. He is deeply philosophical and yet it seems obvious Viktor never wanted the creature as his companion but rather as an experiment, a product, a patient even? He wanted the creature to provide accolades or success as a creation but his desire for a male creature is fascinating me especially considering that his obsession with the creature alienates Viktor from his fiance/wife and son.