daily ramblings

Since I returned from Texas, the cat has followed me into every room, nuzzling against me and begging me never to leave her again. I bought new Science Diet food and some wet food for her as a treat and she loves me for it today. She has lazed happily around whatever room I'm in, but only after getting the required amount of attention she thinks she deserves.

Last night I hung with the girls, which was fun. I'm sad M couldn't join us, since she was working in Champaign. I had a good time though I felt guilty for not having been around much before due to exams, the stress of the end of the semester, insert other time-consuming excuses here.

Congratulations are in order for Brianne who got a new job this week. She had some interesting things to say about her interview processes and the way people made snide comments when they said something like, "Well you haven't worked outside the home in a few years." I can hear their tone now, condescending and patronizing. No wonder women stay in abusive, or negative relationships, even today it seems difficult to branch outside of the roles of wife, mother, caretaker when it comes to job hunting.