texas update

I spent most of yesterday working on my presentation for Sunday's session. Nothing like working on something at the last minute, eh? We made it out to the Banquet last night which was okay. I met some Bedford St. Martin's people who seem really nice. I hear they throw great parties at CCCC's so if I make it to New York, I will plan on going.

I'm looking forward today to Samantha Blackmon's talk on World Of Warcraft as well as the other speakers in the panel talking about online "selves". I have been excited since I found out she'd be here. Also here is Madeleine Sorapure who has done some very cool work with blogs and journals, comparing them to diaries and diary fiction. I rely heavily on her work in my discussions on the unique features of blogging.

As fun as this has been so far, I'm tired. Perhaps a nap is in order before dinner and bowling.

Cool/funny things I've seen so far have been :

heat lightning
the get info presentations
how much jewelry one man can get away with
people running, literally to the food table at the banquet