cowboy hat ratio

The Graduate Research Network (GRN) yesterday was amazing. I was paired with some really great people whose research is really innovative. The whole time I kept thinking, "this is what conferences are supposed to be like." So far, I've met some great people, fellow graduate students as well as faculty in the field. It's only the second day but I already feel part of something, unlike at school where at times I feel like "the tech person." We're all tech people here, which is great. I think conferences are supposed to be fun and as wacky as some of the people are here, they know how to let loose. And that's all I'll say about that.

Last night, some of the girls I met and I wandered to Target, which was incredibly crowded. There were cars parked along the street outside of the parking lot. I asked if the Target just opened, the checkout guy said no. I thought, god, there really isn't much to do here, is there? I swear it was as if everyone in the whole town was in Target.

Also, there are a lot of cowboy hats in Lubbock. I wonder what the Cowboy hat to person ratio is.