on the lam

The thing about traveling somewhere you have never been before is that you are always, always surprised by something. For Michelle and I driving through Oklahoma, that thing was the tolls. Mapquest directions had informed us that there would be three tolls. We had $8 in change and thought surely that would be plenty. We didn't realize that two of the tolls were 3.50 each. These toll booths had attendants. We gave them $3.50 in change because we hadn't gotten cash yet. Which meant the last toll had to total less than a $1.00. Since we were afraid that the last toll would be more than that we stopped outside of Tulsa to get cash. Of course the ATM gives you only twenties but we figured the toll attendants could give us change. We got to what we thought was the last toll. There were no attendants, a change machine that only took 1's and 5's and the toll was $1.00. We used our last bit of change, breathing a sigh of relief because we assumed that was the last toll. However, there was an additional toll when getting off the turnpike onto I-40 W. We scrounged around the car and found a nickel. Again, there were no attendants. The change machine was out of order. We had a nickel. I look at M and she looks at me. I throw in the nickel and drive away. An alarm goes off and we keep driving. About three minutes later, a cop with his lights on is driving in the opposite direction. M and I look at each other. But I do not see him turn around to follow us.

M keeps saying, "We're on the run. We're on the run." We laugh hilariously, hoping we do not get a ticket later in the mail. M worries "they'll be waiting for us at the border." It is ALMOST disappointing that no one is. ALMOST.

Also, Texas is flatter than I expected. It's strange how much f'ing land there is. And it is unbelievably hot. The kind of hot I have never experienced in my life, so dry and hot I have no adjective in my vocabulary to describe it. It is supposed to be 95 tomorrow. I have been spoiled by Illinois weather. I am afraid of what this heat will do to me. And to my hair. And if that is shallow, well, you and the toll booth police can try to find me.