pomp and circumstance

Matt Grad

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My brother graduated today. I must admit, I got incredibly excited when the PhD students got their mantles. I leaned over and told M , "It makes me want to finish really badly." M says, "Get on it."

They keynote speaker was short and sweet, quite humorous. But the seats in the Coliseum were the absolutely most uncomfortable seats I've ever been in. Thankfully, they broke up the graduation by department so instead of 3000 students or something there were about 900 names instead.

After graduation and lunch at Mugshots we took an extremely long nap. And now I am not tired at all. We're supposed to have brunch at O'Charley's tomorrow at 10. I will probably be tired. But what do you do?

It's nice to be around family again. And I love my brother dearly but some of his "friends" are not of the same political mind as I am. They say things flippantly that I find rather offensive. It makes me sad and uncomfortable. So I've removed myself from the equation for tonight by not being around them.

I'll post more pictures soon.