r words & questions

Thinking of blogs and journals as a genre and the responsibilities that come with writing in this genre. I don't want to add fuel to the fire of the situation that has arisen but I'm curious about what you as readers and writers in this forum think about your responsibilities concerning what and how you say/write what you say/write. If your journal is public, do you still have an expectation of privacy or have an idea of specific readership? If you wrote some things about people who you didn't think would find or read your journal and then they did, would you take responsibility for what you wrote or would you be upset they read what you thought they wouldn't see despite the fact your journal was "public?"

I've been through this before and I definitely felt responsible for what I said. I felt embarassed and ashamed and sad. I knew I should have told the person directly what was on my mind but instead I hid. Eventually it turned out okay. But right now this is happening to someone else and it's definitely made me wonder about our expectations, about authorship and responsibility.

Does it matter if the people reading said journal did so unknowingly if the journal was public? Shouldn't said person own up to what he/she said? When what you say online has repercussions offline, why do we feel violated? Are we just covering those embarrassing feelings?