because I never could resist a meme

I got this from Amy who got it from a bunch of other people.

20 years ago I

1. was 8 years old and The Challenger exploded on my Birthday
2. despised my brother's He-Man toothbrush holder because of the stupid poem it used to recite that would get stuck in my head all day
3. spent hours sweeping cranberries off the patio so I could roller skate to my Bon Jovi tapes until dark

10 years ago I

1. graduated high school and began college
2. started working at the record store where I met the one who would first break my heart
3. partied so much I barely pulled a C in Advanced French and changed my major to English

5 years ago I

1. left Europe and the one I went there for
2. started my Master's program
3. worked at the Mall, quite begrudgingly

3 years ago I

1. got my Master's degree
2. moved to Illinois and started my PhD program
3. experienced my first tornado

1 year ago I

1. began intensive therapy
2. moved house once again
3. fell even more in love with M

So far this year I

1. have had one of the best teaching experiences with my Internship course
2. become a theory head (that's for you, Oren)
3. started to feel less guilty

Yesterday I

1. enjoyed class with Dr. J
2. had pie with Oren
3. left my Ipod in Champaign

Today I

1. slept late
2. wore my pajamas all day
3. worked on my Frankenstein paper

Tomorrow I

1. will work on my C's proposal with memoell and oren
2. will go to the book party
3. will get at least 5 pages of my paper written

In the next year I

1. will take my Comprehensive Exams
2. defend my Dissertation proposal
3. will move to Champaign