this is where I talk about films I want to see

Why does it seem like all the films I want to see will probably not be shown around here? I'm hoping that Boardman's Theatre in Champaign will get some of them. It's possible, considering it is showing Tsotsi right now.

American Gun looks promising but films with multiple narratives can be difficult. If done right like Crash, The Hours and 21 Grams, they're absolutely stunningly moving pieces. Done badly, they're irritating disconnecting. I'm hoping for the former. I'm glad to see Linda Cardellini is in it. Even though her part in Bareback Mountain was small, I think she's amazing.

Will mentioned Art School Confidential on his blog and I agree that it looks intriguing. I read a review of it in Vogue which said overall it was "a keenly observant satire of the narcissism, backbiting and howlingly bad art that are staples of the art school experience"(166 Vogue May 2006). Max Minghella, son of director Anthony Minghella of Cold Mountain fame, stars in what has been called a "breakthrough performance" whatever that means.

Trust the Man looks like a smart, funny commentary on relationships. I mean, come on! Julianne Moore and Maggie Gyllenhall in the same movie with Billy Crudup; how can it be wrong?

I loved Leonard Cohen's music the first time I heard it and listening to it now, brings back so many strong memories. I'm ecstatic that Lian Lunson has directed a documentary on Cohen. It looks phenomenal. Wonder if I'll ever get to see it.

Little Miss Sunshine looks fantastic. Steve Carrell, Toni Colette, Greg Kinnear and Adam Arkin. They put the fun in dysfunction. And it's fabulous. I love the guy who doesn't speak writing on a piece of paper to ask "Where's Olive?" This will be too much and in a good way.

And of course, I'm excited to see what M. Night Shyamalan does with Lady in the Water.