clarity realigned

I met with my advisor on Friday to discuss comps, the dissertation, etc. I talked a lot but I also tried to listen. As always, I was impressed with her attentiveness. I guess there's still something to be said for trusting your instincts. I'm going to try to work up some ideas for possible theoretical threads that I see connecting my research areas in order to focus. Yeah, I'm good with thinking "meta" but the devil's in the details, they say. I'm not so great at narrowing. I'm a big thinker, I guess.

I got a letter from Gran and she told me I sounded clearheaded last time she spoke to me. I used to hate the word clarity. Perhaps because I never had it.

This is my horoscope today
Others may be telling you what you're feeling, and it seems you might be the last person to know. This is because your moods are visible to everyone as the Moon moves through your sign. Additionally, its alignment with Neptune can muddy the emotional waters and your perspective.