when it feels perfect

This Fed-Ex Commercial with the Cave-men is truly and utterly ridiculous.

I do like the "Not my problem" reply. It's a phrase frequently used by me and my colleagues.

I was watching it thinking, how odd to think we might have communicated like that in the past. This morning as M and I were half-asleep, half-waking up, it was interesting to me that we spoke in noises, grunts, and moans that couldn't really be deciphered as words, but somehow we each knew what the other meant like I'm not getting up. Move your arm. Guess we're not so far off from our cavemen days.

At 12:26 a.m. it's 70 degrees in Alabama, according to the weather channel. I certainly do not miss the oppressive heat that comes with living in the South. Today was beautiful and cool. I love that M's windows are open right now and I'm comfortable. Not cold nor warm. Perfectly comfortable.

So, April forget what I said before. I still love you. Now more than ever. You might, in fact, be my favorite month. But don't tell October.