fighting all these demons will take time

I am selfish. I like doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Being in a relationship means making sacrifices and being less selfish. Even though M and I have been together for 2 years, I'm still struggling with being less obvious when I don't want to do something. I am not good at hiding my negative emotions. Maybe it comes from being tired of always pretending everything is fine when it's not. Maybe once you turn on emotions, you don't get to choose when and how they appear.

I like Saturdays to be lazy and relaxed. M is busy all the time, which means I am busy driving her around since her tag has expired and she's too busy to replace it. I need to write today. I feel like if I don't write, I'm going to lose my mind. But of course, M has to babysit and then we have to go to Bloomington for Easter weekend, which means today and tomorrow will be busy with her family. I've started to need more time in the quiet lately and yet there's none to be found. This makes me grouchy and not nice to be around.