7 meme

1. 7 things are currently on my shopping list:

* socks
* q tips
* toothpaste
* cat food
* laundry detergent
* face soap
*toilet paper

2. 7 celebrities I would consider a marriage proposal from:

* I don't believe in marriage, exactly so if I ever did it, it'd be for M.

3. Last 7 songs I have listened to:

* Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics
* Why do You Leave- Ryan Adams
* Sylvia Plath-Ryan Adams
* Barely Breathing-Duncan Sheik
* Don't I Hold You-What
* Square One-Tom Petty
* Step Into My Office, Baby-Belle and Sebastian

4. 7 things I feel guilty about whenever I do them:

* gossiping
* buying jeans
* not returning library books
* listening to music by Hilary Duff
* not calling my mother back
* skipping class
* not standing up for myself

(notice how many of the guilty things are "nots")

5. 7 things I have done at least 7 times:

* sent e-mails, forgetting to attach the attachment
* been homesick
* cut my hair and wished I hadn't
* drank too much and wished I hadn't
* worn jeans one day too many
* left my keys in the door
* bought a movie I haven't seen

6. 7 things that piss me off:

* when I misunderstand an email or IM message, especially from M
* when things (cars, computers, cell phones) do not work the way they're supposed to
* traffic
* being taken advantage of
* prejudice, hatred
* rude people, especially salespeople or waitstaff
* not bein listened to

7. 7 things that make me happy:

* Spring, when everything begins to grow again
* flowers
* holding M's hand
* being surprised
* writing
* feeling the warmth of the person I love
* new jeans