nightmares and pancakes

I took Michelle to school to drop her off at 6:30 this morning. And then I tried, desperately to go to sleep. When I did, I strange, disturbing dreams, like I was in a scary movie. It was seriously disturbing. The guy from "Without a Trace" Anthony La Paglia was in it. I don't even want to recount the images that were in my head.

It's strange to be in M's apartment while she's in St. Louis. She'll be back tomorrow night. We've been apart longer, obviously. I guess it's strange to be in Champaign without her around, without knowing she's going to be back any moment now. She says she's been busy and I can imagine so. I hope she isn't too busy to have fun, though.

It's nice to be in the quiet. To take some time off from things and enjoy the beginning of my break.

Sunday is the pancake breakfast with Brianne and her family, which is exciting because I love pancakes. I love most breakfast food. I think I could eat breakfast practically any time of day. Especially pancakes with lots of butter and syrup. When I was a camp counselor at Blue Lake in Andalusia, Al. my favorite meal was breakfast, despite the fact I had to wake up so early to eat it. Because they served a large group of people, it was cafeteria style food. Breakfasts were hard toast, seriously hard toast, people. (But I loved it.) And the pancakes! By the time you poured the syrup and went to cut into the pancakes, the syrup was already soaked in. We used to joke that if you threw one pancake in the lake, it would dry it up. No one ever tried. Besides, if they had, the alligators would have probably eaten it.